Humanity is entering a very critical time in its path of evolution. The winds of change began to blow over eighteen years ago at the event you call Harmonic Convergence but the only ones who felt this at first were those many call star-seeds or light workers. Today almost everyone on the planet is being swept up into them. The third dimension world of duality is beginning to be blown away so to speak CoQ10.

What does this mean? The tsunami and fires and floods and the changing weather conditions are one of Gaia's reaction to the winds of change. Mother Earth has been balancing negative energy from humanity for a long time and now the time has come for the planet to release this. The transition from the old to the new Earth can be smooth and effortless or harsher. You can make a difference here. Never doubt this. Everyone contributes to the energy on earth and the more anchored you are in the higher dimensions, the more you can help the planet to anchor itself there as well.

As the winds of change pick up and intensify each day, the two thirds of the planet that is asleep is beginning to feel this energy and be jolted at times from their comfortable rest. The winds of change are there to help wake them up. Since many of them are very content with a rather torrid existence, this could become very intense for most people on the planet. Resisting the wind is always more exhausting than letting it take you where it wants to go.

The winds of change are also a wakeup call for light workers because it signals the final years of polarity and duality consciousness on this planet. You all incarnated on school earth to help balance and stabilize the energies and to assist humanity to make this shift. View the winds of change as the alarm for your internal clocks. This is such a very special time for all of you and for all of creation. Earth is the center for so much love and attention from the higher dimensions. It is rare that so much energy centers around such a small part of creation. The possibilities are splendid and amazing Laser Facial.

Light workers who have not released the final remnants of duality consciousness will be challenged to do so. You cannot help others to wake up if parts of you are still asleep. For many of you, the areas where you are stuck in duality will become more intense. The highs will be higher and the lows will be lower and the cycles will move very fast. The energy has shifted so much each year since 2000 and this will just continue to increase.

You are all building up the necessary momentum required not only for a planetary ascension but to help everyone and all aspects of creation on this planet to ascend or transcend to their next level. It is so beautiful. When you experience the highs and the lows, know that you can live differently. You can choose to operate now from the realms beyond polarity and duality consciousness. You can choose to live from a stable, tranquil point of power well above the crashing waves of duality ipv 4s box mod.

It is time for light workers to let go of duality and to withdraw your energy from the third dimensional world that you all are so comfortable with. Stretch yourselves and be open to a grand redefining of who you really are. If you are experiencing the highs and lows of duality - look beneath and try to understand what the emotional charge is that is triggering the event and release it. Do a ceremony or ritual and state the intent to clear this emotional trigger from your consciousness. Since the emotional charges you have left are the most challenging ones, it may take you many attempts to totally clear them.

Take a hard look at any area in your life where there are winners and losers - the United States stock market is a prime example. Consider taking the plunge and investing in yourself rather than in stocks. Many of the messages around financial planning and third dimension financial common sense are truly rooted in fear and reinforce scarcity consciousness. Truly the winds of change will have great fun and potentially could wreak great havoc with the investment community.