It's graduation time again.I graduated six years ago.Today I looked a video about graduation.It's meaning for your school time will live a ture society.except this,there is another things about college student nuskin hk.they love each other in college.Forr most students it's their first love in their life,they cherish this emotion,but they must face to a same question is seperating.because they can't promise their job and life in the same city.maybe I was born in the south but you was born in the north,most boys will go home to work and life but girls can't go with him,so sometimes graduation equal separation nuskin hk.

I think their emotions is complex now,they are excited about new life and scared about future,most students don't know what do they will do?what's their life they want to have?One side is their sweetheart.the other side is their future not sure,in this during they will think about more and more but they can't have the right choice.most of them broke up.I think they are must be grieved,It's sad that say goodbye for a person who accompany so long.but they can't do nothing.maybe separation is the only thing they can choose.

six years ago I left school and into the society and work alone、life alone.time lapse,the school memory is stay in my brain,everything like yestoday.

every year in this time I want to go to my college,maybe nothing I can do,I just want to walk on our playground and walk in our garden,actually nothing is important except that feeling that let me return six years ago.because I was more younger that time nuskin hk !