Before Donna was born she took with her a dollar, Peter took with him a pen and Harry brought along a hammer. These were the only significant things that these people brought with them into their physical lives from birth.

All of us before we are born bring with us the most useful thing that we could imagine that would work for us in the physical world. It was our desire to experience a specific aspect of physical life using only the one item that we could bring with us. The items mentioned above are metaphorical but the experience will be real in our minds. This is the beginning of a new episode of "survivor" to take place in the real world using the only gifts or talents that we bring with us HKUE ENG.

The only way that this experience could be played out, would be in the absence of memory of who we really were and where we came from, and so from the time of birth we begin to forget. After infancy our memories are replaced with real life situations and circumstances which blur or blot out our previous existence.

From the moment that we choose to come to physical life we are given absolute love, freedom and choice. We are given the guaranty of survival until we no longer wished to experience our chosen path by choice. There are others that will come into our lives at the appropriate time and place to help us by previous agreement.

Donna chose the dollar; this will be her gift or talent that she will use to live the life that she wants to experience. There are no conditions placed upon using the dollar, nor is she bound to use it. The meaning of the dollar may not even be recognized by her during the course of her life as she focuses on other distractions. The dollar is really a physical symbol that she will need to interpret and exploit for her own personal use. One can only imagine what this symbol means and the purpose for it HKUE ENG. Before birth and from the lofty position of the silent observer, it is perfectly clear. Now it appears to be a burden imposed on her, a trip of a lifetime to find out the true meaning of her life, a constant struggle for purpose and fulfilment. As Donna becomes more focused on the meaning of money in her life, the farther away she moves from it. The burden of having, took away from the joy of desire and acceptance of what is and what is not. She has misinterpreted the symbol and it brings more longing, desperation and sadness into her life. In physical terms her life is full and rich, but inside she is empty.

Peter chose the pen and from point of birth, no one could shut him up. Peter was very articulate and opinionated in what he had to say and seemed to have a natural talent for writing down his thoughts. Peter also didn't really care what others thought about his work, he wrote for himself and the writing was an outlet for him. His writing often got him into trouble in his earlier life until he learned how to be more diplomatic and stopped offending people. The problem with that was he began writing for others and the pen turned away from him. His talent no longer flowed naturally as his writings represented the views of others at the expense of his own HKUE ENG.