Echo was a flea-bitten gray horse, with brown speckles everywhere, and crystal clear hairs in her mane and tail. We met in October, 1976, when she was a broodmare on an Arabian farm in New York State. A beginner at riding doesn't usually start out with a novice horse, but I fell in love at first sight of her. Somehow, over the years, we learned how to have great times and not get in trouble. We enjoyed trail riding and had fun doing dressage, too. Echo loved to be ridden and to gallop across field. She was always as eager for my companionship as I was for hers travel to Hong Kong.

October, 1998. After a summer of dry weather, heavy rain was predicted for the next several days. That afternoon, I discovered Echo panicked and galloping in her turnout. She was breathing hard and sweaty under her winter coat. I walked her out and thought about how difficult the coming winter would be for her. For the previous six months, she often stumbled on smooth ground. She was unable to maintain her body temperature if she was slightly damp and the temperature was less than 75 degrees. Confinement in a stall for any length of time caused her legs to fill up studio for rent.

Echo would be very sore tomorrow and would be confined to her stall for nearly 5 days due to the weather. The nutritional supplements which reduced her pain and inflammation would not be enough. I gave her some bute paste and left her in her stall.

The next morning, it was pouring rain. Echo was in her stall and very uncomfortable. I gave her more bute. An hour later, I returned to increase the dosage. I was often aware of Echo's physical needs without consciously asking her about them. I would just "know", just as I had known this day that she needed a higher level of medication kanger evod pro 2.

As I left the barn, I realized that Echo might very likely need constant drugs from now on. I suddenly suspected she might be ready to leave her body. For over a week now, when I would ask about her transition, she had said "very soon". The word "very" was new in her answers. I had to find out what she wanted to do. I also wanted to be sure my own feelings didn't interfere with my telepathic reception.